Junior Test Automation Engineer

We're looking for a skilled, curious and passionate Junior Test Automation Engineer who wants to make a difference.

Dubai, UAE


Online since Jan 10, 2018


Are you a talented super ninja test automation engineer? Do you espouse the teachings of Lisa Crispin? Do you have heated debates on what should and shouldn’t be stubbed in a test case? Can you configure jenkins pipelines in your sleep? Do you know that with such power comes great responsibility?

Interested in being part of a platform that handles millions of requests per day? Continuous integration, auto-scaled rolling releases, event-driven micro-service architectures are a all part of the daily gig.

Do you value openness, transparency and empowerment? dubizzle "Squads" are high performing x-functional teams set with a mission to provided win-win exchanges for our beloved users. We don't believe in monkeys-on-keyboards, we believe engineers are central to the problem discovery process, which is why we let teams own the "what and how" of their respective missions.

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 What responsibilities will you get when working with us?

  • Embed in the development pack and help them to write and maintain automated tests across the test pyramid.
  • Ensure functional and unit test coverage across all features being built.
  • Work with the pack’s product owner to ensure user stories cover all product scenarios.
  • Keep up to date with standards and requirements of software quality Analysis.
  • Work with feature stakeholders like UX, BI, Marketing to make sure deliverables pass acceptance tests.
  • Track the quality and reliability of the team using metrics like Build Test status, Code coverage, Bug Analysis Report, etc.

Relationships and roles 

Liaises with the other QA and Test Automation engineers within the tech & engineering department, the Chief Architect and the Head of Product Engineering.

Practical / Technical knowledge

  • Ability to program in a scripting language like Python.
  • Write test scripts to ensure code quality/functionality
  • Develop internal QA testing tools
  • Work with QA team members to thoroughly test all portions of product UI, internal and external reporting and alerting, advanced product features as well as command-line capabilities

Job Requirements/Experience

  • 1-3 years of test automation experience
  • Basic working knowledge of Linux and Windows
  • Passion for finding problems with software
  • Enthusiasm for efficiency through automated processes
  • Experience with Selenium Bindings (preferably python, though this is not a Selenium IDE position)
  • Experience with SCM; specifically GitHub (preferred, link to Github/BitBucket profile encouraged)                                

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