Why engineers succeed at OLX Group

In fact, at the heart of OLX Group are some of the brightest IT brains in the business, continuously working on the most challenging and innovative IT projects our industry has to offer.

Below, we give you nine good reasons that explain why you, as an engineer, should join OLX Group.

9 Reasons for Engineers to join OLX

1 – We’re a Strong Online Brand: OLX Group is one of the world’s leading Internet companies and a global specialist in empowering people everywhere to buy, sell or exchange their used goods and services. We are a fast-growing brand that aims to strike the perfect balance between profit and purpose.

2 – We operate across the globe: We currently operate in more than 45 countries and have offices in Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon and New York. Each country is unique and has its own local culture and style. This global focus means we’re always looking for committed engineers from across the planet and offer them the opportunity to embark on an international career.

3 – We offer generous international onboarding support: We are completely committed to all our employees and take our onboarding support very seriously. When there’s an opportunity for one of our engineers to work abroad, we go out of our way to make his or her relocation process as easy as possible. Moving to new cities is everyday business at OLX Group, and we feel it’s important that you ease into your new position knowing the local culture, traditions and challenges of your new home.

4 – We believe in impressive online metrics: We generate traffic of over 35 billion page views and 54 million listings every month in more than 45 countrie. They are all using OLX Group's online marketplaces to buy and sell their goods and services. To handle this enormous influx of information and live up to our promise, we have a pretty impressive infrastructure. But we also know that there are even bigger metrics on the horizon, so we’re continuously improving our front- and back-end platforms, monitoring tools and, naturally, our engineering team.

5 – We invest in cutting-edge technology: The Internet is constantly changing and we want to remain the leader in our field. We therefore invest in the best technology to ensure our engineering team is on the cutting edge of web development and system administration.

6 – OLX Group Engineers are truly empowered: Working at OLX Group means being part of an entrepreneurial culture that is open to new ideas, new ambitions and new opportunities. Our engineers are truly empowered to add value to our current business and pave the way to the future using new tools and creating new technological contexts. You’ll have much freedom to explore and experiment. Taking ownership and embracing new challenges are part of our everyday culture at OLX Group.

7 – You’ll be helping create the future of online classifieds: Online Classifieds have been around for a while, sure, but our goal is to discover new ways to interact with our users. You’ll be working side by side some of the brightest brains in the business. We encourage all our engineers to discover new benefits for our users. This is the collective goal that drives our international network of engineers forward.

8 – You’ll have enormous impact: Backed by our investments in cutting-edge technology and online metrics, our engineers have all the tools they need to make an immediate impact on our business. And not just our business, but on the world as a whole. By helping people monetize their possessions and create wealth in emerging markets, we are creating win-win situations for millions of people everywhere. 

9 – You’ll have a whole lot of fun: Come on, we’re a global tech company, what did you expect? What’s the fun of positively impacting the world if you don’t have fun along the way? Sure, you’ll work hard, but we promise you’ll achieve both personal and professional growth. Having fun at OLX Group is mandatory.