Empowering communities by giving back

Our business model is about improving people’s lives by bringing them together for win-win exchanges. So when you join OLX you’re joining a company that is all about making a difference to local communities. We want to achieve something significant – for you, for the communities, for us.


Each year OLX actively supports numerous non-profit initiatives around the world. We don’t consider these acts of charity but as natural extensions of our company mission to bring people together and improve their lives. Through these initiatives we aim to achieve something significant – for you, for us, for them. 

From raising money for school busses in Nigeria to building a much-needed elementary school in the Philippines, from offering aid to war-struck regions like the Ukraine to offering earthquake relief to places like Nepal, we actively collaborate with local non-profits in the know to support local initiatives that truly matter. Our contributions range from donating our technology and our time to encouraging our users to donate the proceedings from their sales.   

We are firm believers in supporting programs that offer new opportunities to underprivileged children. Whether it’s clothes to homeless children in Kolkata and used football equipment for kids growing up the slums to recycling initiatives designed to raise money for the Garrahan Children’s Hospital in Buenos Aires. We are using our platform not only to empower youth, but also to educate them about ecology and human rights, to become young leaders, young entrepreneurs and eco-fighters. 

Next to the above mentioned causes, we support specific causes that are also very close to our heart, such as animal welfare. In Poland and Portugal, for example, we encouraged thousands of users to click on a banner that fed an interactive dog, transforming those clicks into real dog food for animal shelters across both countries. In the United Arab Emirates we are working with World Wildlife Fund to battle exotic animal trade and encourage responsible pet ownership. 

As a leading Internet company, we are naturally invested in the future – future leaders, future technology and even future cities. Our OLX Ideathon, for example, toured 100 schools across India, challenging 8-12 graders to conceive big ideas that will solve the country’s debilitating litter problem. Another India project, ‘Unclog Mumbai’, initiated by the Hindustan Times, aims to counter Mumbai’s infamous traffic congestion by creating more green space for the city’s citizens.

These are just a few of the initiatives we believe make a real difference in the world we live in.

During your interview with your local HR contact, we can tell you even more about our local initiatives. Next to that, please visit the Naspers website. On the site you will find more detailed information about topics related to the corporate responsibility we have, about governance and about our view on sustainability.