5 reasons to work at OLX (and 5 reasons not to apply)

We aim to create a working environment that perfectly balances business and purpose. But how do you know OLX Group is right for you?

Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you answer ‘why work at OLX Group?’ at your next family dinner. 

Reasons to work at OLX Group

You are part of something special

We want business success, but we also want something more. By helping people sell their possessions and create wealth in emerging markets.

We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit

We offer a professional environment and an international network of some of the brightest brains in the business. Taking ownership and exploring new challenges are part of our everyday culture. 

You can advance your career

We are a fast-growing Internet company full of committed professionals eager to learn and grow. We are committed to making you better. 

You have the freedom to explore

Entrepreneurism is in our DNA, which means at OLX Group you have the freedom to explore and experiment. With freedom comes responsibility, and with curiosity comes the willingness to make mistakes. What you learn helps us grow.

We have a global mindset

As one of the world’s leading Internet companies with fast-growing offices across the globe, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore an international career.

Reasons not to apply for a job at OLX Group

You are afraid of change

Like all fast-growing global internet companies, we are constantly evolving and changing. That means that our employees are too. That’s the nature of our global tech business and we love it!

You feel you already know everything

We are a culture of continuous learning. We make mistakes and learn from them. Open-mindedness and curiosity are key to our mission. At OLX Group, students are every bit as important as teachers.

You want your own local niche market

We empower local communities and people, but we are a global company continuously expanding to new areas around the world. We want our employees to grow and explore the world with us. 

You wanted to be micro-managed

We know who we are and where we are going, but the quickest journey between two points is rarely a straight line. We think quick on our feet and embrace the occasional chaos to find ways to succeed.

You are a secret squirrel

We are a team and like to build on each other’s ideas and efforts. We embrace transparent communication. Working together is a must to moving forward.